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This site aims at the support of reuse / the change cycle of the ASCII art (AA). Copy and paste are free. Let's enjoy Ascii Art culture without forgetting respect to other AA craftsmen.

NEW! 2014/06/14 : LINE sticker size was added to the Icon AA.


Create IconAA

     (ノ(ノ:: `゛''ィ.,_`゛''ィ..,_     /ニYニヽ       _,.ィ''"´_,.ィ''"´ ::ヾ)ヾ)
     ミ,,(ノ(ノ./ /`゛''ィ., (ヽ  /( ゚ )( ゚ )ヽ   /)ィ´_,.ィ'"´\ \.ヾ)ヾ),,ミ
      ミ,,(ノ(ノ::. /::  (((i ) /::::⌒`´⌒::::\ _,.( i)))\ ::\ .::ヾ)ヾ),,ミ゙
       ゙ミ,,(ノ(ノ./ :: /∠_| ,-)___(-,|_ゝ \ :: \.ヾ)ヾ),,ミ゙
        ゙ミ,,(ノ(ノ(ノ( ___、  |-┬-|    ,__ )ヾ)ヾ)ヾ),,ミ゙
          ミ,,(ノ(ノ(ノ(ノ/.|   `ー'´   /´\ヾ)ヾ)ヾ)ヾ),,ミ"
           ゛ミ,, (ノ ,.`  |        /    `、ヾ) ,,ミ"

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