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This site aims at the support of reuse / the change cycle of the ASCII art (AA). Copy and paste are free. Let's enjoy Ascii Art culture without forgetting respect to other AA craftsmen.

NEW! 2014/06/14 : LINE sticker size was added to the Icon AA.

キルミーベイベー ED15

Create IconAA

   __     ___       r‐ァ       r‐x  _,ゞ'ニニ‐マェ、   「f`
   `i L,..r´     `ヽ‐-n_ノ |      `vヒ y',    ミ}‐`=、_,! !
   ゙ー{{!      ',ーr‐ '          ーイ'{. ハ ト、 ,f 、 _ゞ‐ '、
     ム ,.、  ,_ ,、ヘ!  ヽ             vーヽt<゙   ヽ   \
      ` ヽ' ヽ.    ',             ヾ゙ゝ _  〉   ヽ
              辷――::'ゝ、             ,.-t‐゙':::::::::: ̄:ゝ、
        r `ゝ-―‐--' 、 !       .    〈 r゙' ´  ̄ `゙ヽ. ゙!
           V.|    .   ト{             vハ       トy
          rェフ        . ゙ー`         'ー'       ゙ー`

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