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This site aims at the support of reuse / the change cycle of the ASCII art (AA). Copy and paste are free. Let's enjoy Ascii Art culture without forgetting respect to other AA craftsmen.

NEW! 2014/06/14 : LINE sticker size was added to the Icon AA.

キルミーベイベー ED11

Create IconAA

     __                     ー--、、__
   ,f'    `ヽ、. ,ィ´ ̄`ヽ           r‐'`ー- 、  ̄`゙ーュ、 n _
.  f::::\       ゙!、  ,..、 ハ          r゙ヽ、     `ヽ、,r'`ヾlシ<
  ヾ、;ィ\´~`ヽ_,ィ、// メゝ         ヾ、:;:ヘ.,.、_,、  ゙:、r ,.-、 }
 厶二´ _,ノ   .  \/ヘ/`゙           rr‐t―ゝ )   \r,ヘ//.ハ
                           ー' ̄  ̄     `ー '゙ーi/

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