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This site aims at the support of reuse / the change cycle of the ASCII art (AA). Copy and paste are free. Let's enjoy Ascii Art culture without forgetting respect to other AA craftsmen.

NEW! 2014/06/14 : LINE sticker size was added to the Icon AA.

TwitAA 2014-02-15 07:26:12

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      (⌒\.  ,ハ、、ハ
       \ ヽヽ(´・ω・`)      ブゴゴーブバッ!
        (mJ     ⌒\
         ノ (⌒ ∧/ / 彡゜ `)    ,//∧_∧
       バキィ!ヽ(´:;ω゙'';"゙゙゙'゛:(⌒ミ(  //(´・ω・`)  <らんらん♪らんらん♪
        バキィ!!ヽ  l| |l(:;;:( ドガァ!!///ヽ、  _`彡;;ヽ   ゴスッ!!
    /\丿⌒;ヾ / '/ li| l!グシャァ!!\从从///'ミ彡彡;;/ヽ   ドゴッ!!
    (___へ(⌒)y'⌒;ヾ从从(⌒~※∵;)´⌒`つ,;(´(´⌒;"'    ボキボキボキッ
       (´⌒ー-   ;:#∧_>::;w 彡(:::゜`)。(;;;)、⌒从;;ノ・`⌒);
     (´;⌒(´⌒;;' ~ヽと;;;; #;;、ミ,,:,,;;;ヽ/ノ:#`""^ヾ⌒));
        ̄(´⌒;,( ,(゙゙゙'ω ;`)゙'';"(´⌒;,(´,(´⌒;)
            "'¨''⊂;:;∴::・;:;:;:;∴::;;,::⊃'¨"   ピギィィイイイイイイイイイ!

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